Since 1958, RENATO MASCARO has devoted himself constantly to the reproduction of original antiquess, using the same materials and the same engraving techniques whihave been passed on from the Italian and the Franc Masters, producing some fine pieces whose finish, engraving and harmony will be hard to match as they depict the crativity, the grandeur and the refinement of "epoch pieces".

The production is limited and it is completely and fashioned, the woek of Master Craftesemen who, through their vast experience, work the various pieces and finish them in all their minutest details.

The continuos research  into private collections, the study and the reproduction of design, allow us to present a complete  collection of clocks, candle.holders, wall lamps, table setting decorations and statues, to meet any interior decoration demands from our clientèle.

We are persuaded that our pieces will retain in times to come an indelible sign of artistic expression, and we continue on our working path with enthusiasm and devotion to our work.



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I bronzi d'arte Renato Mascaro
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